First French Business School specialized in the sport business from an Undergraduate Bachelor to a Postgraduate Master of Business in Sport; AMOS trains managers, sales agents and highly skilled entrepreneurs in all the areas of sport business. AMOS aims at being the reference and the interlocutor of the sporting movement and the sport business. AMOS integrates an international dimension through its seminars abroad, its English conferences, its bilingual class, its school of integrated languages and through the integration into the European program of exchanges ERASMUS.

AMOS proposes three academic cycles:


The objective of Bachelor AMOS is to train in 3 years the future collaborators of the companies and organizations related to sport. Our Bachelor Sport cycle is accessible post-baccalauréat (UK: A-level, US: IGCSE ) and enables passionate students from varied horizons to specialize in the world of sport business. Its educational project, focused on the professionalization and the competences of its students, emphasizes learning from experience.

A POSTGRADUATE CYCLE Master of Business in Sport

This cycle is composed of a 4th and a 5th year and issues a Level II degree in "Sporting organizations Management" registered with the RNCP. The objective of the MBS AMOS is to train our students to executive positions in 2 years, turn them into true professionals thanks to varied modules, implementations, practical cases and to help them find a company which is in agreement with their professional project.


They are reserved for the professionals with a prior experience in the field of sport business and wishing to acquire new competences.
  • Trade, Brand Management & Entrepreneurship in the Sport Business,
  • Strategic Management of the Sport Business & Sports Marketing.

School life is animated by the school's association which enables students to imagine, create, conceive, and manage projects.
Faites de votre passion un métier et de vos rêves un objectif