• AMOS Women French Cup 2022, Toulouse France

    AMOS Women French Cup 2022, Toulouse France

    5th edition of the AMOS Women French Cup

    It is in the South of France, in the region of Haute Garonne, that the 5th edition of the AMOS Women French Cup will take place this summer. Indeed, from the 16th to the 19th of August, the organiser of this event, Camille Naude, will be welcoming some of the elite teams of woman football: Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain.

    The story behind the tournament

    Pre-season football tournaments have always been a great opportunity to showcase clubs and the value of football to different types of audiences. Nevertheless, up to 2016, there were no women team’s pre-season tournaments organised. Therefore, the founder and football enthusiast, Camille Naude, decided back in 2017 to organise the first competition, taking place in the south of France. Following Camille’s lead, 2 tournaments were created in the US, the Women International Champions Cup in 2018 and the Women Cup in 2019.


    One of the key factors when organizing events of this kind is finding sponsors, which is as well a great way to measure the improvement done along the way. “When we started in 2017, we only had a few sponsors, and no broadcasters were interested. 5 editions later, we have 3 times more partners. The main sponsor - AMOS Sport Business School - which is as well our naming partner, is working with us for the past 3 years, providing volunteers, expertise, and visibility.

    This is crucial for us because as a Sports Business School, they are directly promoting the values of diversity, equality, and inclusion to the next generation of sports managers. Apart from AMOS, we also have partnerships with companies like Airbus, Eiffage or Engie and we are about to be broadcasted in France, Spain, the United States, Germany, and in the United Kingdom. Therefore, we can see that we are on the right path”.

    “The idea behind the project was to offer the possibility to a local audience to discover female football (10 000 spectators are forecasted), to promote diversity in the sports industry as well as educate the younger generations. Indeed, 150 young volunteers (including AMOS students) will be helping throughout the event. The objective is as well to provide them with a first professional experience, to show them the way events are built and managed but above all to make them enter the pitch and walk side by side with some of the best women players in the world”.

    The Programme

    The semi-finals of this tournament will take place at the Ernest Vallon stadium on Tuesday 16th, Bayern Munich will face Barcelona whilst Paris Saint Germain will be opposed to Manchester United. These 2 fantastic games will be followed by another 2, on Friday 19th with the Final and the third-place playoff.

    Future development

    The Toulouse region is unfortunately not ideal in the summer as most people are going away during this period. We are therefore looking for another city, whether in France or abroad to host that event for the future edition. We know that England is currently hosting the European Women Cup, which is an amazing event, so why not piggyback and organise the next edition over there?

    Official website : AMOS Women French Cup, get your tickets now!

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