• Anna et Daniel, à la découverte de nos étudiants internationaux

    Anna et Daniel, à la découverte de nos étudiants internationaux
    Deux ans après le lancement du Master Programme International sur le campus bordelais, le Global Sport Business Master, AMOS bordeaux a accueilli ses premiers étudiants internationaux durant le semestre 2020/2021. Anna et Daniel reviennent pour nous sur leur expérience « made in France » et dévoilent leurs ambitions pour leurs futures études et carrières ! International oblige, l’entretien a été réalisé en anglais.


    Hi Anna and Daniel, it is a pleasure to chat with you about your semester in Bordeaux. Before we start, could you tell us more about where you come from and your previous studies.

    Anna : “ I am from Austria and  am studying Sports, Culture and Events Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein, Austria and thanks to the Erasmus Program, I am spending my semester abroad at AMOS Bordeaux.

    Daniel : “ Hi everyone, I come from Munich in Germany. I am also studying Sports, Culture and Event Management in Kufstein and I will obtain my Bachelor’s degree this summer. The University of Applied Sciences where I study has a practical orientation since we are allowed to organize our own events by applying the learned knowledge. With courses such as international Sports Management, Event Management and Sports Science I was able to learn important contents for my future career.


    Can you tell us a few words about the features of the sports industry within your own countries, Austria and Germany ?

    Daniel : « In Germany, of course football is the main sport with the biggest industry around it. Furthermore, all kinds of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are very popular. In addition to that, ice hockey and handball are other sports that attract many spectators in Germany.

    Anna : In Austria, winter sports play an important role as well, especially skiing and ski jumping. Similar to what Daniel mentions, football, ice hockey and water sports play a very important role as well. In Austria, we have many different associations in which you can practice different sports (football, gymnastics, tennis or skiing associations, etc.), since sports in general receives many subsidies from the state.


    Before coming to Bordeaux, did you have any idea of the type of jobs or specific sports industries you wanted to apply to ?

    Anna : I did not really have an idea in which specific job I want to work in one day but I’m really interested in Sports Event Planning.

    Daniel : Yes, I really wanted to work in the Sports industry since starting my studies in Austria. I am especially interested in sports marketing around football or anything related to the football industry, really. That`s why I am planning in obtaining my coaching license in football once I finish my studies. My target destination to work in the future is Munich.


    Why did you choose AMOS Business School and France to continue your education ?

    Daniel : First of, all I really wanted to spend my semester abroad at a sports business school, that’s why AMOS Sport Business School made it in my shortlist. Furthermore I really love France, I spent many holidays in the country in the past and I really feel very comfortable here. That`s why AMOS had a lot of positive aspects compared to other schools and I definitely don’t regret my choice.

     Anna : I chose AMOS because the courses they offer seemed really interesting to me and they fit perfectly with my study program in Kufstein. I always wanted to spend some time in France to improve my French and I think Bordeaux is a beautiful city!


    What kind of subjects and classes did you attend here ? What did you like the most ?

    Daniel : We had classes like Olympic Studies, Product Design and Branding, Sport Integrity and Ethics and Conception and Logistics for Event management. The one I really liked the most was Sport Integrity and Ethics, as well as International digital Marketing with Jeff Mirman. I learned a lot of new important tools for the future and it was a pleasure discussing and working with the teachers.

    Anna : I agree with Daniel. I liked the courses on International Digital Marketing, Product Design and Branding, as well as the Sport Event Planning classes a lot.


    Did the semester in Bordeaux help you figuring out what you wanted to do with your career plan ?

    Anna :  I think the semester helped a little bit in the sense that I am now sure that I want to work in the Sport Event Planning one day.

    Daniel : Yes, absolutely! I really have a better overview now about specific jobs in the sports industry now thanks to the semester at AMOS. The experienced teachers at AMOS helped with important and interesting lectures a lot.

    AMOS recently implemented the mentoring system with French students in order to support international students integrating into the community. Can you tell us more about it and how it helped you through the semester ?

    Anna : I really liked this buddy system. I got in contact with Ana Fao, my assigned buddy, before I arrived in Bordeaux and she helped me and answered all the questions I had about the accommodation, the arrival, the university, etc. When I arrived in Bordeaux, she showed me the school and also the city. I really liked that because then I knew that there is always somebody that I can talk to in case I needed anything.

    Daniel : I really liked the mentoring system, because with that I already had a person that helped me a lot to get used to the new school and city. Luis contacted me months ago via mailing and we were writing even before my semester abroad started. That was very helpful, because I already got a lot of information and I wasn`t that nervous during the first week at the new school.  With Luis I immediately built a lifelong friendship.


    Thank you, Anna and Daniel, for this chat and for sharing your experience with us ! We were very happy to welcome youin Bordeaux and we wish you the best in your upcoming careers !

    Article rédigé par Laurent TIRE, chargé de communication AMOS Bordeaux.

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