• Back-to-school time for AMOS INTERNATIONAL

    Back-to-school time for AMOS INTERNATIONAL
    Students in the GSBM (Global Sport Business Masters) programme have now joined the various AMOS campuses with the firm ambition to take advantage of the academic and professional opportunities available to them.


    It is back-to-school time on the AMOS campuses! In Bordeaux, London, Lyon, and Paris, 4th year students who have chosen the GSBM Programme are in their chosen campus for the launch of their International Masters’ programme.


    The International vision, a real strength in the AMOS DNA

    International training has a central place in the professional career at AMOS.

    Today with over 37 carefully selected partner universities over 4 continents, the variety and quality of the programmes offered abroad allow the students to project themselves into an international universe which corresponds to their professional project. This international expansion offers a great number of assets for the students to acquire new skills in Sport Management within a multicultural environment in order to succeed in their professional integration abroad.


    Global Sport Business Master, a programme over 3 continents

    Students start a programme 100% in English, which studies three essential geographic areas in the sports market: Europe, Asia, and North America.

    The course is punctuated by:

    - A seminar in Munich at the ISPO fair, globally known to showcase new innovations and trends in the equipment manufacturing and distribution sectors.

    - A seminar in China which includes visits to Shanghai and Beijing, and meetings with professionals from the Asian sport business.

    - A seminar in Chicago which is a full immersion in the Anglo-Saxon sports culture with visits to sports facilities, and conferences on the American economic model.


    A word from the GSBM Ambassadors

     On each campus, an international representative shared his experience on the European, American, and Asian markets. These are exceptional times in the launch of their academic year which also give our students a first moment to reflect on their future ambitions!


    Henry Utku

    AMOS Ambassador – Europe

    Events and Basketball Operations Manager, EMEA – NBA


    “Europe is a constant growing sports market with worldwide recognized sports teams and brands. The accessibility of sport through multiple channels has developed opportunities within sports transforming the direction and size of growth. A key example of the globalization of different sports is the international reach of US sports leagues in Europe hosting games, events, and the promotion of fan engagement. In parallel European sports leagues have taken a similar approach exploring opportunities in the US, Asia, and Middle East. AMOS students are getting the opportunity to develop their knowledge and be a part of the ever-growing globalised sports business.”

    Huanhuan Zou Belous

    AMOS Ambassador – Asia

    Consultant Chinese Market


    “The economic growth and globalisation in Asia are developing new opportunities for the sports industry, particularly in China. The development of sports practices is widely encouraged by the authorities to address public health issues, gather around common values while satisfying the demands of a growing urban population. China also aims to become an indispensable actor in major international sports events. A large number of sectors are involved in the sports and leisure industry, as well as in upstream projects, and in regards to their implementation and sustainability. Through this programme, students will be able to comprehend Asian sports industry and policies, as well as gain intercultural management skills.”



    Deepak Trivedi

    AMOS Ambassador – North America & UK

    Sports Consultant


    “The sports industry has grown tremendously in the last decade and this means there are many opportunities for students aspiring for a career in sports. The USA market has consistently been a leader in all aspects of sports business, from sports marketing and stadium development to fan experience. AMOS International is at the forefront of preparing students to be successful by providing opportunities for academic development and professional growth. As the sports industry has become so global, we take pride in developing students with a truly global mind- set and preparing them to become future industry leaders.”
    Written by Victoria Chacon, Communications and Events Officer AMOS London

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