• Charity project: "Simple monday"

    Charity project: "Simple monday"
    Charity and volunteer work are part of the British culture and society. During their semester on the London campus, the second-year Bachelor students are required to do 30 hours of volunteer work within the structure of their choice. Students also can also propose their own charity project. This is the case of the "Monday Simple" project.


    “Monday Simple”, was set up this semester by a group of seven students (Benjamin Bonnenfant, Guillaume Uren, Téo Saillard, Mattew Queffurus, Nicolas Modin, Pierre Gayot, Gaétan Bougaud) who wished to have a practical impact by providing food to the homeless every Monday. The idea for this project came from Benjamin, who was inspired by the French rapper Lomepal's "Lundi Simple" project. They act as independent volunteers with the aim to distribute meals and certain necessary equipment to people in need every Monday until the end of the semester.

    At the start of their project, they turned to their classmates, started fundraising on the AMOS London campus and turned to local merchants to ask for help in setting up their project. Every Monday after their lessons, the boys went shopping and prepared the meals in one of the leader's house, before going to the London Bridge area to hand out food. Each week, they served on average twenty meals, but not only that! “We hold ourselves to the idea that we don’t just go to fill the stomach, but to feed the soul,” Benjamin says. “So, we're not just dropping off food and leaving - we stay, and we talk with them too.”


    Inspired by the dedication of the students, Joanne Macrae director of AMOS London and Deepak Trivedi Head teacher and lecturer at AMOS London, joined the students in one of their soupruns. “I am so inspired by my students. They spend their evenings cooking food for the homeless and have been doing this for weeks! They want no praise or recognition they just do it from their heart. Honestly, I’m so proud of the amazing human beings they are!” testifies Deepak Trivedi.

    "Volunteering gives you experiences that you just would not have if you focussed only on your course. It gives you a feeling that you have really helped someone. On a personal level, it makes you feel good about yourself whilst also helping other people." comments Téo.

    “It’s just amazing to know that you have had a positive impact on someone else’s day. I think it gives you an appreciation of your life and what you have. It’s really nice to be able to walk away and think that we have done a good thing." adds Guillaume.


    Even if they have finished their 30 hours of charity imposed for several weeks, they are committed to continue their marauder’s every Monday until they leave for France. They hope that their projects will inspire future students and will be continued in the next semesters by a group of involved students.

    Rédigé par Victoria Chacon, chargée de communication AMOS London

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