• Le semestre aux Etats-Unis d'un étudiant

    Le semestre aux Etats-Unis d'un étudiant
    Théo Bresson nous fait part de son semestre aux Etats-Unis. Vivez son séjour à travers son témoignage.

     Un semestre à UTK


    Je me présente, Théo Bresson, étudiant en Bachelor 3ème option internationale année au sein de l’école AMOS international business school.

    Je suis parti un semestre aux Etats-Unis (de janvier à mai 2016) dans une des universités partenaires d’AMOS qui se situe à Knoxville, Tennessee. Je vais donc vous faire un court résumé de cette expérience très enrichissante que j’ai pu vivre de l’autre côté de l’Atlantique.

    Je vais poursuivre en anglais afin de créer une ambiance un peu plus « United States ».


    I went to Knoxville, Tennessee for four months in the University of Tennessee. What can I say? This experience was so amazing.

    At the first place, it was weird, being in the United States, I have never been to this country before. Four months, it is long, away from home, from family, almost alone because I really only knew one person there before going.

    I was in Knoxville one week before classes start, the campus was empty. I was afraid, I was lost in a new environment.

    If I can give you a piece of advice, the first thing you have to do it is to go at the first lunch organized by the international house. You will meet international people like you, English, Spanish, Asian people. Start talking with them, make new friend the most quickly you can to enjoy the best the semester.


    People in general are so great there, they are really friendly, smiling all the time, you can talk to whoever you want either in the street or in a bar and so forth.

    At the beginning it was exhausting to hear and speak English all day long but I can tell you it was worth it to make a lot of effort. Do not give up and try to be every time with English-speaker. After a couple of weeks, it is increasingly easier to speak, you will understand almost everything you hear.


    I do not know how to sum up my journey in here, it could take hours. I met incredible people, whether French, English, Americans, Spanish.

    Anyway, I embraced a new lifestyle, a new mentality. You can feel that they all believe in the “American Dream”, you can feel that everything is possible, it is in their DNA. 

    They know how to do a show, go to the sports events, go to a football game, basketball game, baseball game, the atmosphere is amazing.

    The classes were great, teachers were really professional. The workload was not that significant, however always having homework in English makes it more complicated! But it your English is getting better thanks to this.


    Also, if you have enough money, you have to travel, I went to New-York, Miami, Houston, Austin, Nashville and I will come back to visit more!

    Flights are not so expensive, but if the city is not that far, take the bus it is really cheap!

    I promise, you become another person (in a great way) when you come back to France. I enjoyed this trip so much, if you decide to go, will you?


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