• Workshop Chelsea FC Foundation and AMOS London

    Workshop Chelsea FC Foundation and AMOS London
    While studying at the London campus, second-year Bachelor students and Global Sport Business's Master 2 students had the opportunity to participate in a workshop at Stamford Bridge in collaboration with Chelsea FC Foundation.

    For two weeks, 35 teams worked on the following challenge, given by Chelsea FC: "Chelsea FC are completing a pre-season tour of France next season. We would like you to create a marketing strategy to engage young people aged between 16 and 25 years old to get them to the French stadium for the pre-season games and potential additional events."

    Following a morning of conferences by professionals from Chelsea FC, the selected groups were able to continue working on their challenge. At the end of the afternoon, 5 groups made it to the final after being selected by the jury composed of:

    • Carl Southwell – Enterprise Manager at Chelsea FC Foundation

    • Tim Shutt – Consultant at Gloucestershire Cricket Board

    • Thomas Jackson – Senior Data Analyst at Chelsea FC

    • Tom Love – Co-founder of Lovegunn

    • Chris Gunn – Co-founder of Lovegunn

    Finalist groups were able to present their ideas orally. The winning group started on the idea that a football match is more than 90 minutes, it's a total experience.

    “The Chelsea FC District is a combination of entertainment and football, with free-activities like a five-side football pitch, a contest of juggling and FIFA tournaments. There are also some additional events that can bring people that aren’t really into football, for example a concert and the presence of French influencers. The main objective is to bring our leads and the players together to celebrate the club while developing a French data base for the Chelsea FC.” – Théo Baron, member of the winning team and Global Sport Business's Master 2 student

    Congratulations to all participating teams and winners. And thanks to the Chelsea FC Foundation team for this workshop.

    Contenus rédigés par Victoria Chacon, Chargée de communication d'AMOS London

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