Discover sport business abroad

“The real road to discovery consists not in seeking new views but in seeing things with new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

Unique experiences

In the framework of its Sports Management course, AMOS offers students several international sessions. If “travel shapes the young”, these will profoundly change their view of the world, offering them new perspectives.

This openmindedness is indispensable for all students seeking to pursue a career whether in France or abroad.

By organising tailor-made international sessions, we encourage our students who share a passion for sport to live unique experiences, rich in personal and professional maturity.

International sessions lie at the heart of the course

Whether in the United States, England or Spain, our students are constantly made aware of international opportunities.

Beyond progressing in English, they develop their own professional project as they go along. 

Each session offers an adapted programme so our students are able to widen their international sports management knowledge.

These international sessions are composed of sports management classes given exclusively in English, visits to sports facilities, professional meetings, as well as participation in numerous sports activities related to the chosen destination.