A fund for entrepreneurship

Joining AMOS is joining more than a school. FIDES (French Acronym for the Investment and Development of the Sports Economy Fund) is one of the aspects that illustrates this. Through this fund, the school wanted to be directly involved in innovative projects that could contribute to the development of the sports economy.

We know that the sports market is first and foremost linked to the initiatives taken by different stakeholders and entrepreneurs to create new activities, new concepts and new jobs. The FIDES fund is used to fund projects, student initiatives and sports-related business creation projects.

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A fund that invests in the future of the sports industry

There’s nothing unusual about a school wanting to illustrate and highlight the ambition and skills of their students, and this fund paves the way for their future success.

Because we were called upon and challenged by students wishing to set up projects and having difficulties in finding funding, we developed a structure to enable them to more easily create projects related to their course.

The fund therefore aims to allow students to obtain initial financial support to start entrepreneurial projects.

It is an opportunity for students to make their projects known to the school's partners, whether to obtain financing or to sign the initial contracts. The funding is adapted according to the specific projects and student needs.

For some students, it also represents an opportunity to develop the professional position they will be required to take up on graduating from AMOS.

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The Student Entrepreneur: A student and already skilled

For many years now at AMOS we have been committed to promoting entrepreneurship. Through classes specialising in entrepreneurship, enterprise days, business stakes and sports-focussed events, we get our students to believe that taking action is possible.

Enterprise days: the raw materials of projects to support tomorrow

Each year, “Enterprise Days” are held on all campuses, which mobilise all students. They allow you to meet entrepreneurs from the sports world, to interact with them and to try and explore starting up a business. Starting from just an idea, students work on the concept and all aspects of a business model. The project is likely to be presented to the investment fund.

joueur de golf

AMOS National Golf Tour: the return on a student project

To kick things off, in connection with Enterprise Days, a group of students from AMOS Lille presented an innovative golf project: La Ch'tee en Nord, an amateur tournament that takes place over 3 days on 3 different golf courses.

The project was selected for the Grand Final scheduled in Paris, the final in which each campus presented its best project, with the winner receiving a grant of €5,000. The Ch'tee en Nord won and the group of students established the 1st edition organisation which went on to be a real success.

The story does not stop there: such a project can also be carried out in other areas. Thus, the AMOS National Golf Tour was born with a dedicated structure and events that have grown with the help of students involved at all levels and throughout all project phases.

Discover Amos National Golf Tour on video