The sport business school in rennes

AMOS, The sport business school in rennes


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AMOS Sport Business School

AMOS Rennes, The Western Cape Town!

A dynamic city, Rennes marks the gateway to Brittany. The Roazhon Park, stronghold of the Stade Rennais, recent winner of French Cup and the new Cesson Handball Glaz Arena shows the desire of the Breton prefecture to make sport a driving force of its economic, cultural and social development. AMOS will certainly be a cornerstone of this development as of the next school year with the opening of our 9th French campus.

AMOS, The sport business school in rennes

AMOS takes over RENNES

Sport is a highly thought of subject in the city of Rennes, whether the promotion of sport for the inexperienced or the support of sport and high-level athletes who promote the city. Rennes was built around the development of the practice of various physical activities until creating, in 2016, a Sports Council to reach out to citizens and refine their approach.

In terms of overall appeal, the course offer, student life, the living environment and job prospects, Rennes is ranked 4th among French student cities. What it has to offer in terms of culture and sport is vast, and the flourishing economic activity has diversified (agribusiness, industry, naval, service trades, biotechnologies…) Rennes has recently been awarded the title of the second most dynamic city in France and is one of the best cities to live in and work in. It is also the 2nd largest city in France for digital jobs. It is an attractive, innovative place and perfect for the setting-up of an AMOS Sport Business School.


AMOS, The sport business school in rennes

from student life to professional life

Ranked 3rd in the country for demographic growth (1.4% per year), Rennes now has three professional sports clubs, Stade Rennais Football Club, Rennes Métropole Handball and Rennes Volley 35, new events such as "Rennes sur Roulettes" (Rennes on Roller-skates) with thousands of participants, or the “Marathon vert” (Green Marathon) sponsored by the Lamotte group, a total of 50,000 graduates of 250,000 inhabitants in its various sports associations, 160 sports events each year and 110 sports facilities.*

These are advantageous assets for AMOS Sport Business School whose teaching, focused on the professional world and field experiences, is perfect for this location. Tomorrow, the AMOS Rennes students will be able to participate in the thinking and setting up of these numerous events to bring their developed expertise to the school in the different fields of communication, marketing, management, events, and entrepreneurship... But also, to assist the Breton capital in its desire to become a model city in the practice and development of sport.

*Source : Ville de Rennes,

AMOS, The sport business school in rennes

brittany, a realistic OPPORTUNITY

Symbolised by its biennial of Contemporary Art (Le Practicable), Rennes is a city that knows how to pick itself up. Thus, the emergence of eco-sectors and more broadly the move towards a green economy, makes the environment in Rennes a vehicle of development. Aside from this city, it is all of Brittany that offers our students in the world of sports business, opportunities that are as diverse as they are enriching. From cars, athletics, horseback riding, canoeing, boxing, swimming and the growing intergenerational well-being sport, Brittany is home to no less than thirty major events in 2019, ranging from mass events, from the French Championships to World Cups. There will only be more opportunities to seize, and students will come to discover the behind-the-scenes of the feat of a sporting event and therefore, tailor their journey of a manager in the making to the professional world, before reaping the rewards of their course and passion at AMOS Rennes!


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