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Barbara DUARTE

PHD, Head of the International Department

AMOS Sport Business School

The importance of completing an international programme for a future career in sport management

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An internationally-tailored Sport Management programme.

Being an AMOS student means benefiting from a quality education in line with international market standards and expectations.

In a competitive world, future sports business professionals benefit from an exceptional educational offer that meets international market requirements. To effectively do this, all of our students complete different courses which explore a variety of cultures around the world that share the same passion for sport.

Our educational programmes are specifically designed to allow students to gain professional experience abroad. Whether studying a semester or a year abroad, our students will be able to master the English language and become familiar with different multicultural environments.

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A large network of universities around the world

AMOS internationalisation policy is built through the development of proactive, academic and professional partnerships abroad.

With over 37 institutional agreements already signed, the international department offers a great number of mobility opportunities in Europe, North and South America and Oceania.

In addition to providing access to a network of prestigious universities around the world, we offer our students tailor-made study programmes that consist of lectures, professional experiences and cultural activities

Each student benefits from an individual and personalised support during their training abroad