General presentation of the profession

The Head of Promotion is in charge of the promotion of a sports product, brand, club, federation or professional league. They are responsible for the design and organisation of sponsorship operations and events designed to increase the sales of their products and services. The purpose of these events may concern the image of the company, its reputation, or its presence in the minds of consumers: the world of sports business is very attractive for stakeholders and economic decision makers including outside the sports sector. Promotion includes market research, development, organisation and loyalty, which includes an approach over time and a dynamic with monitoring and feedback. The position involves forward-thinking, but also creativity with adapted media in a diversified but nevertheless very competitive sector like that of sport. The Head of Promotion analyses what they need to promote, then sets up and coordinates campaigns developed for this purpose, under the responsibility of the marketing and communications departments.

The keys to success in this job

The Head of Promotion must know how to diagnose, communicate and supervise. Sales experience is a decisive asset because they must master the sale of their product, know the product, the market and its stakeholders in order to target the promotion they carry out. Very good knowledge of marketing and communications is recommended. Their knowledge of the world of sports business and its developments is essential and must always be up-to-date, especially at an international level. Their constant focus supports their analysis and reflection to best meet the expectations and needs of stakeholders in their community. Thus, the Head of Promotion and their team will be able to guarantee the expected results of their promotional campaigns.

Required skills 

These are the managerial skills required: to be a leader, objective-oriented, rigorous, dynamic, available, able to cope with stress, organised and a forward-thinker. Communication skills are also necessary including a good knowledge of digital tools. Interpersonal skills, creativity, elocution, empathy and a communication know-how are required, which boost the development dimension that is associated with their work. Finally, they need a strategic sense (synthesis, vision, ability to project themselves, adaptation), to get a feel for the market and the opportunities to be seized for the company, allowing them to be a creative force and an example of good practice in the business.


They may progress to a position with broader responsibilities in marketing, communications or public relations. 

Salary range

The salary of the Head of Promotion at the beginning of their career is an average gross monthly wage of €2,800.