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Sport is a dynamic breeding ground for employment with numerous career opportunities for students with a passion for sports. Thanks to our relations with the stakeholders and businesses in the sports sector, we have been able to closely monitor the evolutions of this sector since 2005, as well as its needs in terms of employment. This makes sport a dynamic breeding ground for employment and one that is in constant evolution.

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European Bachelor Sport Marketing and Event Management

Accessible from the Baccalaureate or equivalent level, the European Bachelor Sport Marketing and Event Management trains future leaders and managers of the world of sport. It prepares students over three to five years, leading to level 6 & 7 RNCP certification. It enables access to the award of a triple degree.

European Bachelor Sport Marketing and Event Management gives access to key functions in the world of marketing, communication, management and the management of sports organizations.

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Global Sport Business Master

The Global Sport Business Master prepares for a private “Junior Master in the Digital Transformation of Sport Entities” diploma issued by ESBS by AMOS and GSIC (Powered by Microsoft).

The Global Sport Business Master also proposes a 3-year European Bachelor Sport Marketing and Event Management degree, entirely in English.

Our program is designed for people with a passion for sports who aim for an international career. This program prefigures the sport of tomorrow and opens access to projects around the world: the development of new markets, international brand positioning, access to sports practices in developing countries, the structuration of professional sport, etc.

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It’s normal to take the time to ask yourself and think about your choices, to better define your goals. The school’s academic advisors will be able to tell you all about the programs, admission procedures, career prospects and more. You can contact the school by phone or contact us here.

All the questions
  • Are the programs similar on each campus?

    All AMOS campuses follow the same curriculum. Thanks to their national or even international credentials, certain professionals may thus give lectures in various schools. We wish to make their knowledge available to all our students.

    Nevertheless, as part of our local development within different regions, each campus develops regional expertise, practices and specificities (sports culture, maritime or alpine economics, etc.), promoting links between our students and local businesses (various opportunities for internships, work-study programs and employment).

  • Does the AMOS school help its students find internships or work-study programs?

    AMOS gives great importance to the professionalization of its students. Thus, it is our goal to train them and provide them with support to find an internship, work-study program or employment on their own. Indeed, the school requires its learners to adopt a proactive approach toward the search for companies. This voluntary approach is supervised through professionalization courses throughout the curriculum.

    Each student benefits from personalized supervision during 3 or 5 years. Shouldered by this support for soft skills and know-how, our students master the methods of the search for employment, internships and work-study programs (CVs, cover letters, interviews, etc.).

    Moreover, AMOS regularly distributes the numerous offers of internships and work-study programs it receives from partner businesses. Speed recruiting days are also organized on each campus to enable the companies to come and meet our students.

  • What is a business school that specializes in Sport Management?

    Like all business schools, AMOS Sport Business School teaches general subjects (marketing, communication, management, law, etc.), as well as specific subjects related to Sport Management (sponsoring, event management, sports center management, etc.).

    These latter are studied through the prism of sport for 3 or 5 years. Of course, the acquired skills are cross-sectoral with other sectors of activity. However, we give our students the opportunity to work in a world for which they have a passion by transferring specific knowledge and skills that are related to the sport business sector.

    We thus provide sport organizations with the professionals and specialists they need to develop their activities.

  • What does AMOS stand for?

    Académie du Management des Organisations Sportives

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