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  • What are the perspectives for career development?

    Questions concerning Sport Business careers? Career prospects?

  • How long has the AMOS school existed?

    AMOS Sport Business School was founded in Paris in 2005. Thanks to its success, the school rapidly opened other campuses in France, in Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice, Nantes, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence and Montpellier in 2022, Nancy and Annecy in 2023.

    The school has also developed internationally with the opening of the London campus in 2016, and campuses in Madrid and Valencia, Spain, in 2022, pending other openings abroad in the near future.

  • Are your degrees recognized by the State?

    Our RNCP degrees are not only recognized in France, but throughout the European Union.

    At the end of our programs, we award certified level 6 and 7 degrees (Bac+3 Bac+4 Bac+5). Because the main mission of our school is to prepare our students for good professional integration, we have chosen to work with RNCP certifications that favor access to employment on completion of the training. Our students also receive AMOS diplomas.

  • What are the potential career opportunities?

    After a Bac+3 and Bac+5, our students access a wide range of managerial professions related to marketing, communication, sport event management, sponsoring, merchandising, sport trading, media, etc.

  • What is a business school that specializes in Sport Management?

    Like all business schools, AMOS Sport Business School teaches general subjects (marketing, communication, management, law, etc.), as well as specific subjects related to Sport Management (sponsoring, event management, sports center management, etc.).

    These latter are studied through the prism of sport for 3 or 5 years. Of course, the acquired skills are cross-sectoral with other sectors of activity. However, we give our students the opportunity to work in a world for which they have a passion by transferring specific knowledge and skills that are related to the sport business sector.

    We thus provide sport organizations with the professionals and specialists they need to develop their activities.

  • What is the profile of our teachers?

    The faculty consists of experts from the world of sports, lecturers, teachers, managers and entrepreneurs. These different profiles contribute to the wealth of our teaching in France and abroad.

  • Are the programs similar on each campus?

    All AMOS campuses follow the same curriculum. Thanks to their national or even international credentials, certain professionals may thus give lectures in various schools. We wish to make their knowledge available to all our students.

    Nevertheless, as part of our local development within different regions, each campus develops regional expertise, practices and specificities (sports culture, maritime or alpine economics, etc.), promoting links between our students and local businesses (various opportunities for internships, work-study programs and employment).

  • Does the AMOS school help its students find internships or work-study programs?

    AMOS gives great importance to the professionalization of its students. Thus, it is our goal to train them and provide them with support to find an internship, work-study program or employment on their own. Indeed, the school requires its learners to adopt a proactive approach toward the search for companies. This voluntary approach is supervised through professionalization courses throughout the curriculum.

    Each student benefits from personalized supervision during 3 or 5 years. Shouldered by this support for soft skills and know-how, our students master the methods of the search for employment, internships and work-study programs (CVs, cover letters, interviews, etc.).

    Moreover, AMOS regularly distributes the numerous offers of internships and work-study programs it receives from partner businesses. Speed recruiting days are also organized on each campus to enable the companies to come and meet our students.

  • Will you do sports during your training?

    The objective of our programs is to train our students for all sport-related professions, including marketing, event management or the management of sport organizations. We do not offer courses devoted to the practice of sports.

    Nevertheless, our BDS (Sports Offices) are very active. They enable our students to participate in sports outside of class hours (university championships, tournaments, etc.).

  • What is the profile of our students?

    Above all, our students have a passion for sports. They are truly motivated to combine studies, professional experience and international experience in a sector they are passionate about. Selected from applications after passing our national admissions exam, they come from many different branches of initial career orientation or career reorientation (parallel admission).

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