European Bachelor Sport Marketing and Event Management

We invite you to enter a world where sport and its values are omnipresent. Enter a world of passions, emotions and sensations. Integrate into a market that never stops reinventing itself. Build the future of sports with us !

Highlights of the European Bachelor in Sport Marketing and Event Management

  • Etudiants Stade AMOS European Bachelor
    Unique work experiences
    Year 1

    1 year of classes in Paris, Nice, Madrid or Valencia (campuses open depending on the number of seats)

    2 periods of volunteering

    Optional : study trip in London (1 week)

    Full-time programme – 100% English courses

  • Etudiants AMOS Londres European Bachelor
    One year abroad
    Year 2

    1 year of classes in Paris, Nice, Madrid or Valencia starting in 2025/26 (campuses open depending on the number of seats)

    2 periods of volunteering

    Full-time programme – 100% English courses

  • Etudiants sur le terrain AMOS European Bachelor
    Open to Europe and the world
    Year 3

    1 semester of classes in Paris, Nice, Madrid or Valencia starting in 2026/27 (campuses open depending on the number of seats)

    4 months in internship abroad

    Individual coaching to get your first job

    Completion of a professional dissertation in English

    Defense in front of a board of examiners

    Full-time programme – 100% English courses

Our European Bachelor Sport Marketing and Event Management in details

This practical training prepares students to meet the challenges of the ever-changing sports industry. In addition, they will acquire the skills and expertise necessary to succeed in their careers.

Simple view
Groupe Etudiants Cours AMOS Bachelor
European and international opportunities

From the first year, opportunities in the international sports business world will open up to you.

You’ll have the opportunity to discover many different sporting cultures through international work experience.


The main modules of the course :

  • Introduction to sports management
  • Sports law
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurship and finance
  • Sport marketing
  • Sports event organization
  • Social and sustainable development in business
  • Business development
  • Digital tools
  • E-sport
  • Innovation in sport
  • Management skills
  • Career development
  • Conferences
Etudiante sur le terrain AMOS Bachelor
Work immersion

To develop your openness to the world and English language skills, you’ll be able to take courses at our campuses in Madrid, Paris and London.

To build your future career, we have set up our schools in the heart of different cities and countries. We target the companies that match your profile and where you would like to take your first professional steps. You will find at AMOS the possibilities to create for yourself a network of professional experts in different sports sectors all around the world.


Year 2
Etudiants Professionnalisation AMOS Bachelor
Becoming a sports business professional

This year focuses on professionalization in the sports business, opening up international opportunities.

With more than 32 partner universities all over the world, study trips, language courses, we propose you a variety of international experiences during your academic program.

Year 3

Course presentation

  • Degree and RNCP certification

    • Degree heading : “Sport Marketing and Event management” – Acquisition of 180 credits ECTS (European Credits Transfer System).
    • RNCP Certification Bachelor Sport Professions, Heading “Sport Marketing and Event Manager”, level 6, NSF code 335, registered with the RNCP on 18/11/2019, awarded by ACE EDUCATION. Fiche RNCP 34317.
  • Training program

    This program may be partially modified for the start of the 2024 school year.

    Courses 100% in English


    Management of sports organisations

    Operational team management
    Sports events and project management
    Olympic and Paralympic Games – Paris 2024


    Marketing and business development

    B-to-C sales techniques
    Relationship marketing and CRM
    Sales process optimisation
    Digital marketing
    Sport and data


    Communication, media & digital in sport

    Optimising corporate social networks
    Media strategy
    Operational management of a communication plan
    Visual communication / DTP tools
    Managing a digital project and measuring its impact
    Community management


    Legal and sports culture

    Sports law
    History of sport
    Philosophy and sociology of sport


    Business and entrepreneurial strategy

    Applied statistics in sport
    Fundamentals of sports economics
    Introduction to financial analysis


    Hours of study in 3rd year of Bachelor = 461 hours

  • Assessment methods

    Our students are assessed throughout the academic year by continuous assessment (homework, case studies, oral presentations, etc.) and in mid-term sessions. A professional dissertation will be produced and presented to a jury at the end of the 3rd year. Certification is obtained by capitalising on all the skill blocks and defending the end-of-study dissertation in English.

    Certification is conditional upon validation of all the common skill blocks of the qualification, enabling the student to practise the profession, and validation of a professional thesis.
    Assessment is based on the blocks of skills that make up the qualification. These include: simulations of work situations, submission of a written professional dissertation following a 4-month end-of-studies work placement and oral defence of the professional dissertation.

  • Methods used and objectives

    Methods used :

    • Our speakers are recognised experts who guide and support our students throughout their training. Their learning methods are based on the autonomy of students, who are regularly involved in their own training. The sessions alternate theoretical contributions with practical applications. Work and production in sub-groups are encouraged, as is international work experience.


    Objectives :

    • Set up sporting and financial partnerships
    • Market sports products and services
    • Manage commercial activities in the sports sector
    • Manage events projects in the world of sport
  • Admission

    BTS, DUT or 2nd year bachelor’s degree or equivalent to enter the 2nd or 3rd year in parallel admission. Validation of the required number of ECTS credits (i.e. 60 ECTS credits/year) and compulsory 3-week refresher course.

  • Training rates

    As the course is still in its early stages, we are not yet in a position to publish indicators. However, we undertake to publish the following rates as soon as they become available: success rate, drop-out rate, number of students trained. It is not possible to publish results indicators concerning continuation rates or professional integration rates.

  • Further study

    On completion of the European Bachelor Sport Marketing and Event Management, students can go on to the International Master of Business in Sport or the Master of Business in Sport.

Tuition fees 2024/2025

  • Bachelor 1st year


    1 year course in Madrid or Valencia in Spain or Paris and Nice in France (campuses open depending on the number of places)
    Work experience in France or abroad

    Optional 1 week team-building seminar in the UK

    Initial training only – 100% English courses

  • Bachelor 2nd year


    1 year course in Madrid and Valencia in Spain or Paris in France (campuses open depending on the number of places)
    Professional experience in France or abroad

    Initial training only – 100% English courses

  • Bachelor 3rd year


    1 semester of courses in Madrid and Valencia in Spain or Paris in France (campuses open depending on the number of places) or at a partner university
    1 semester of international work experience


    A seminar in Madrid and Barcelona – 5 days (for students on the Valencia and Madrid campuses)

    Initial training only – 100% English courses

Admissions process

Turn your passion for sport into a career by choosing one of our specialized courses from Bac+3 to Bac+5, in marketing, communication, sponsorship, events, media…

  • Step 1

    Fill out the online admission form with your personal details.
    Your contact information is required to accompany you throughout the process by the admissions team. To facilitate your orientation, please be sure to provide accurate and truthful information.

    Admission to the 1st year is based on students’ application, academic performance in high school or recent university studies, level of English proficiency and motivation to join the school.

    Send your application documents in PDF format to :

    1. Copy of valid passport. We recommend that your
    passport has at least six months of validity remaining
    whenever you travel abroad.

    2. Curriculum Vitae (in English). It must include your academic summary, work experience, internships, volunteering, and any other useful information to assess you’re your profile.

    3. Cover letter (motivation letter in English). It must be well structure and explain the reasons to choose the program and the school.

    4. Copy of original transcripts of the last year of studies*.

    5. Degree. High school diploma for high school seniors/
    recent school graduates OR Bachelor’s degree in case of graduation.

    6. 2 letters of reference (academics or professionals) in English – Optional.

    Once these documents are sent, they will be reviewed by our international admission officer who will instruct you on the remaining steps

    *All academic documents (degree and transcripts) must be submitted in English or French. If the original language is different, be sure to attach their official translation.

  • Step 2

    Once we receive and validate all the application documents, we’ll create your student profile, which we will finalize in the next steps:

    Schedule your online admission interview. During this interview, your level of English will be evaluated if you are not a native English speaker. You can choose the date to pass it with an Admissions officer.

    Pass an admission test in English :

    • Quiz on Sports culture.
    • Essay on sports (350 words)
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