AMOS and international outlook

International outlook occupies an essential place in the Sport Business world. It is a capital issue for our students that AMOS takes into account for the development of its programs and partnerships.

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International outlook

In the interest of our students and their professional success, AMOS establishes programs and strategic partnerships with renowned institutions abroad, thus offering our students unique opportunities for enriching international experience.

Thanks to this international outlook, students can develop a global perspective of Sport Business and position themselves favorably on the world employment market, ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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The importance of English in Sport Business

In the field of Sport Business, it is essential for students to master English. It is the international language of business, widely used in global trade and communication. With a solid command of English, AMOS students can interact effectively with international professionals and partners, expanding their career opportunities on a global scale.

That’s why AMOS places a strong emphasis on learning English, giving students the tools they need to excel in their international sporting careers. Modules are dedicated to language practice in every program. AMOS also offers a 100% English-language course: the International Sport Management Program with the European Bachelor Sport Marketing and Event Management and the Global Sport Business Master.

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International outlook

AMOS is part of the ACE Education group, which brings together a group of schools that share the same international outlook. With expertise in various sectors, including Sport Business, International Hotel Management, Design, Fashion and Luxury, the schools of the ACE Education group are committed to supporting its students with the transformation of their vocation into a profession.

Thanks to quality training programs and strategic partnerships with international institutions, AMOS and the other schools of the ACE Education Group prepare tomorrow’s professionals for their careers in a global context that is in constant evolution. By promoting this world outlook, ACE Education and its schools enable students to prepare themselves for a successful international career.

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