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Since 2005, AMOS has trained tomorrow's leaders in Sport Management.

Studying at AMOS Sport Business School means choosing to train for a market that is in constant evolution and one that seeks new profiles that combine real professional skills with enhanced knowledge of the sport sector.

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A group guided by a shared passion for sport

Our Sport Business Campuses

The AMOS Sport Business School, a private technical higher-learning establishment, teaches sport management. Its students develop in various branches devoted to sports careers in order to obtain professional degrees and certifications: Bachelor of Marketing and Sport Event Management, Master of Business in Sport, European Bachelor in Sport Marketing and Event Management and the International Master of Business in Sport.

Our teaching methods enable our students to accumulate experience that is valued by businesses. The pace of work-study programs, as well as the personal supervision of our students, enables them to reach a level of employability that is recognized by recruiters and the players of the sport management sector.

AMOS in a few figures

  • 17

    campuses in France and abroad
  • 3000

    students with a passion for sports
  • 250

    lecturers from the professional world
  • 32

    international partner universities

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Since 2005, professional experience has been at the heart of our training. We guide our students toward the Sport Management employment market: masterclasses, tutored projects, internships, work-study programs, pre-incubator for entrepreneurship, coaching for professional integration, etc.

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Education founded on 3 pillars

Teaching Methodology
  • pratiquer-performer-pedagogie-amos.jpg
    Practice, performance

    Immersive teaching focused on the field. Learn in real time at the heart of the sporting world.

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  • terrain-batir-reseau-amos.jpg
    Choose your field, build your network

    Become a leader, draw inspiration from experts. A direct route to companies and professionals in the sports sector.

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    Push your limits, discover the market

    Prestigious partnerships abroad. Sport and its values have no limits. And you ?

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Questions? Find out more about AMOS, the Sport Business School

Frequently asked questions
  • What is a business school that specializes in Sport Management?

    Like all business schools, AMOS Sport Business School teaches general subjects (marketing, communication, management, law, etc.), as well as specific subjects related to Sport Management (sponsoring, event management, sports center management, etc.).

    These latter are studied through the prism of sport for 3 or 5 years. Of course, the acquired skills are cross-sectoral with other sectors of activity. However, we give our students the opportunity to work in a world for which they have a passion by transferring specific knowledge and skills that are related to the sport business sector.

    We thus provide sport organizations with the professionals and specialists they need to develop their activities.

  • What does AMOS stand for?

    Académie du Management des Organisations Sportives

  • How can you join our training programs?

    It is essential to hold a baccalaureate to enter our programs. Applicants should then pass our national admissions exam, which consists of several tests: general and sports culture, English, and a defense of your application before a jury.

  • What is the profile of our teachers?

    The faculty consists of experts from the world of sports, lecturers, teachers, managers and entrepreneurs. These different profiles contribute to the wealth of our teaching in France and abroad.

  • Are your degrees recognized by the State?

    Our RNCP degrees are not only recognized in France, but throughout the European Union.

    At the end of our programs, we award certified level 6 and 7 degrees (Bac+3 Bac+4 Bac+5). Because the main mission of our school is to prepare our students for good professional integration, we have chosen to work with RNCP certifications that favor access to employment on completion of the training. Our students also receive AMOS diplomas.

AMOS, a school in the ACE Education group

ACE Education is a major player in higher learning, offering certified Bac+3 to Bac+5 training to over 7000 students in the fields of sport management, luxury hospitality, applied arts, design and fashion.

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