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  • Does the AMOS school help its students find internships or work-study programs?

    AMOS gives great importance to the professionalization of its students. Thus, it is our goal to train them and provide them with support to find an internship, work-study program or employment on their own. Indeed, the school requires its learners to adopt a proactive approach toward the search for companies. This voluntary approach is supervised through professionalization courses throughout the curriculum.

    Each student benefits from personalized supervision during 3 or 5 years. Shouldered by this support for soft skills and know-how, our students master the methods of the search for employment, internships and work-study programs (CVs, cover letters, interviews, etc.).

    Moreover, AMOS regularly distributes the numerous offers of internships and work-study programs it receives from partner businesses. Speed recruiting days are also organized on each campus to enable the companies to come and meet our students.

  • What does AMOS stand for?

    Académie du Management des Organisations Sportives

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