General presentation of the profession

In this role, you will calculate the odds of a match or a sporting event that forms the basis of betting: quotes on football, basketball, handball, swimming, athletics for example at the French Games (FDJ) where you can participate in the development of the commercial offers, and the analysis of so-called "objective" probabilities provided by specialised companies. The profitability of the bookmaker and the reaction of the involved betters including the associated risks. You must be aware of legislative and regulatory developments on sports betting (including new types of bets).

The keys to success in this job

Having an analytical mind, proximity to marketing professions and knowledge of foreign lotteries are game-changing. It’s a demanding business requiring a constant watch, so you need to have strong nerves for the stress associated with risk and performance and the high tension at international matches and the world cup. Flexibility, with availability at weekends is also needed.

Required Skills

You must have an agile mind-set and analytical ability with a strong sports culture. Familiarity with numbers and statistics is essential. You must develop knowledge in pricing by adapted training in finance and/or management. Sports organisation management skills are required and English proficiency is fundamental. You must be ethical and understand the psychology of the players.


There are opportunities in specialised companies, for instance in Paris and at “La Française Des Jeux” (French Games), which has a partnership with AMOS and trains sports trader apprentices in the 5th year, who go on to become sports traders at the end of their course.

Salary range

Between € 1,900 and € 2,500 per month, the trader can achieve a monthly income close to € 5,500 with bonuses, depending on the results.



Jérémy, who graduated from the Sport Business Master’s programme in 2015, is a Sports Trader “la Française Des Jeux”: "The job of a sports trader is mainly to fix the odds of sporting events and to manage the resulting financial risk. At a sports betting operator, we are the heart of the operation. Our mission is to develop new bets, new sports and also to interact with customer relations services. There are many duties that make this job really interesting. For me, being a sports trader is above all being a sports enthusiast."