6th edition of the 2023 AMOS Women's French Cup in Toulouse

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6th edition of the 2023 AMOS Women's French Cup in Toulouse

The AMOS Women’s French Cup is the first European women’s soccer tournament. It is where the best teams meet to prepare their season and confront their direct competitors.

And this year will be the occasion for the players selected by their nation to join their teams after the 2023 Women’s Soccer World Cup organized in Australia and New Zealand.

A new edition with AMOS

Since 2021, our AMOS Sport Business School has been committed to this tournament and women’s sport by being the naming partner of this event! The Women’s French Cup has become the AMOS Women’s French Cup for 3 years (2021/2022/2023) following the signature by Patrick Touati, President and Founder of the school, for the acquisition of the tournament naming.


Back from Michel Benchidoud stadium

As the seasons go by, the event has become an essential fixture of women’s soccer. The 6th edition of the AMOS Women’s French Cup promises to be a very high-level sports event. The day following the Women’s Soccer World Cup, it is at Michel Bendichou Stadium in Colomiers, as for the 2019 edition, that the public will rediscover the four leading European women’s teams on August 28 and 31, 2023.


AMOScians in the front row of the tournament

The program and the headliners have not yet been revealed, but it is certain that once again this year, AMOScians will be in the front rows of the AMOS WFC: they will provide their assistance for the organization of the tournament and will be mobilized on the game day. For them, the AMOS WFC has become an excellent playing field and a unique opportunity to experience a sports event from the inside.

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