Learning about the basketball industry from a Californian campus

Meeting International Madrid London 11/03/24

Richard Giangiorgi is a 3rd year Bachelor student from the Toulouse campus, is living one of his dreams: spending a semester studying at an American university in California.

The opportunity to live abroad:

As part of the second year of the Bachelor degree, our AMOScians must do a semester abroad, either in Spain or in London. Richard chose the first option and headed south to Madrid.

“Up to that second year of my Bachelor, I never really thought of the possibility of living abroad. But experiencing it completely changed my mind. I enjoyed it all: the Spanish lifestyle, its culture. I have then told myself that I need to do more. I currently have the chance to travel while studying, which might not be a possibility 5 years from now with a full-time job, a mortgage, etc. Therefore, I need to take advantage of it.” Little he knew at the time that his next destination would be California.


Choosing the right partner university:

“I was tempted to return to Spain as I enjoyed the experience, but as a Basketball fan, going to the United States were a dream. And when the possibility to join the College of the Canyons presented itself, I couldn’t refuse it.

I came to Los Angeles alone; I found an accommodation on Airbnb which surprisingly enough is one of the cheapest options when choosing a long-term contract.”

Campus life:

“The campus is huge, there is a blend of cultures as there are many international students. I felt welcome. I chose to take classes that were related to the sports industry, one of which is Basketball analysis, which I enjoy.

Aside from the classes, the one thing that impresses me the most is the sporting infrastructures for College Sports. It is a whole new world. I had never seen something like it in Europe. Stadiums for college sports are sometimes bigger than the ones we have for professionals in Europe. There is an athlete program at my university, and it is quite impressive to see the dedication of each of these athletes, training for hours daily.

I wanted to have my own experience; therefore, I went to join the soccer team. My visa did not allow me to take part in the Games, but I could train with them weekly.“


A quest for independence:

“Living alone on the other side of the world is fantastic! I am glad that I am here by myself, it taught me to take responsibility, become accountable, take a step back in life and have time to think about what I want to do. We do not often have the chance to be by ourselves. It feels like a personal development.”

What’s next for the study:

“I would certainly like to go abroad again for my masters’ degree if the opportunity presents itself. Let’s see, I have a semester to finish here first and then an internship, I want first to take time to come back to my old habits. That is something that I look forward to after being abroad for several months.”

Future Career:

“I would love to work in events as a project manager. I have always been a massive fan of Basketball, so working in this sport would be amazing. But the more we study sports business, the more we discover things, so I might want to do something else in a year!”


Tips for AMOScians:

“Do not ask yourself too many questions, if you feel excited about it, seize the opportunity, and go! You will not regret it.”

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