General presentation of the profession

The Sales Director creates the companybusiness strategy in close connection with business development, the marketing department, the purchasing department and the Managing Director. They then put this into practice and organise the set-up with theirteam. They are responsible for monitoring the results, any adjustments in the management of their team and reports to the concerned departments.

The keys to success in this job

It is a "key" position whose occupier must have business experience. Management of tendering, the preparation of cost estimatesand the commercial follow-up of customeraccounts are essential skills. It is necessary to have a versatile profile. The Sales Directormust have a strong sense of responsibility and know the market well, because each of theirdecisions will have an impact on the company. They must demonstrate a strategic spirit, to clarify the commercial policy of the company. They also play a role in company communication and its activities during audits or exhibitions. Able to anticipate and "feel" trends, they are attentive, present, respectful and know how to put things into perspective. They must demonstrate managerial skills and behaviour in the management of a sales team.

Required skills

A Sales Director has good knowledge ofmanagement, marketing and law. They master sales techniques, know the world of sports business and especially equipment manufacturers and brands. They have good interpersonal skills, a taste of negotiation, a Sales Representative instinct and know how to demonstrate mental agility to be proactive. Mastery of English is required. They must be a natural leader who has field experience andthe desire to pick up where they left off. They lead their team without ever losing sight of their goals. On a daily basis, they have to work as a team, train, unite and motivate theirsalespeople.

Being part of the line management, they must have a strategic mind, be forward-thinkingabout the development of the market and the available opportunities for the company. Synthetic spirit with a sense of "customer service" in a global vision of the company guide its reporting, while showingresponsibility and independence when making decisions.


The Sales Director usually moves on to another position with importantresponsibilities, such as General Manager or Key Accounts Sales Manager. Having a very important network, the Sales Manager can also decide to become a freelance advisor.

Salary range

The salary of a Sales Director with little experience averages €4,600 per month.