General presentation of the profession

The role of the Sales Representative develops under the influence of digital technology, data and artificial intelligence. The fundamental thing is to know how to use a phone and solicit customers. A Sales Representative sets up the sales strategy of the company, under the supervision of the Sales Director, with thorough knowledge of this, based on the collected data. A Sales Representative is essentially in charge of market research, an area in which they will be more knowledgeable than a Salesperson so as to deal with customers who could go out and find the information themselves. They must find, understand and convince market participants in their target audience with a transparent attitude. Their goal will be to sell the customer a more or less complex product or service, which is appropriate to their needs. The customer buys honesty more than promises.

The keys to success in this job

Being comfortable interacting, showing confidence and enthusiastic endurance. The job is educative to develop and progress: with marketing and expertise at its base. Now more informed and more fast-paced with digital advances, they must master new technology. In the future, the CRM will have to free up the Sales Representative to develop their efficiency. The Sales Representative must love and know the range of products they sell inside out as well as the competition. They must demonstrate a great deal of independence and know how to be persistent. To develop their client portfolio and turnover, they will have to understand stakeholder needs, be geeky, and attentive to behaviour as they face more and more seasoned and demanding customers. They have to develop personal branding on different digital tools.

Required skills 

Sales skills are obviously essential for a Sales Representative, whether working alone or in a team. Negotiating, soliciting, convincing and selling. They must have good interpersonal skills, be an active listener, good speaker, with a “puncheur” spirit, skilled in suggestion and persuasion combined with true mental agility. To stay motivated, they will have to demonstrate vigorousness and good resistance to stress. To attract new customers, they will have to be innovative, creative and transparent. They will have to be interested in effectively keeping an eye on the competition. They demonstrate responsibility and independence in their sector, in addition to rigour to follow up on their actions. Finally, the strategists will be at an advantage if they can project themselves and grasp the opportunities to be seized.


Possible progression to a Sales Director position, Business Developer, Key Accounts Manager, or Sector Manager (in particular on a regional, national or international level).

Salary range

The salary of a Sales Representative with little experience amounts to an average gross monthly wage of €1,500 (fixed salary). Added to this are the commissions and bonuses negotiated with the employer (variable part), which are particularly important. 

A Sales Representative can then earn a gross monthly wage of €2,500 with 3 to 5 years of experience in this field.