A lasting partnership with the Chelsea FC Foundation

Partnership London 20/06/24

Background: Over the past eight years, our relationship with Chelsea FC Foundation has become well established. The origins of this relationship can be traced back to an AMOS Alumni, employed by Chelsea, who taught courses at AMOS London. This connection led to an introduction to the Chelsea FC Foundation and the birth of the Chelsea Project. This project offers students a variety of rewarding opportunities:

  • Present in front of 300 people: Develop their communication and leadership skills.
  • Make their own recommendations to Chelsea: Take an active part in entrepreneurial projects.
  • Discover an Anglo-Saxon vision of sport business: Understand the dynamics of sport business in the UK.
  • Receive certificates of achievement: Official recognition of their contributions by the club.
  • Focus on sustainable development: Integrate sustainable practices into their projects.

The goal: Our discussions with the Chelsea FC Foundation are part of our objectives to enhance the student experience. In addition to the Chelsea Project, we organise key events such as back-to-school celebrations at Stamford Bridge. In collaboration with the club, we offer tickets for matches involving Chelsea’s men’s and women’s teams, which are distributed to our students via competitions.

A word from the AMOS London campus director: “Chelsea has been a key partner since the inception of AMOS London. My aim is to create an unforgettable experience for our students from their very first day in London by hosting the back-to-school event at Stamford Bridge.

Eight years ago, when we set up our first international campus, our aim was to develop a strong network to offer an enriching student experience, complementary to that offered in France. This long-standing collaboration with Chelsea FC Foundation makes that ambitious goal a reality.”

Experiences and Opportunities: This semester, our students worked on two topics: boosting the visibility of Chelsea’s women’s teams and, what can be done to counter racism in football.

Six groups were selected to present their projects at Stamford Bridge in front of the entire student body and Chelsea staff. The winning groups, one for each topic, had the privilege of visiting Chelsea’s training centre in Cobham.

The Chelsea Project will return next year, promising new opportunities for our students to immerse themselves in the world of sports business while developing practical skills and building a strong professional network.

Written by Guillaume Faure,

Communications and Events Officer AMOS London

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