A Strategic Partnership for International Expansion

Partnership London 20/06/24

Context: Sport Industry Group, a recognised entity in the sports event industry, is part of Benchmark and includes, to name but a few examples, Beyond Sport (a foundation focused on Corporate Social Responsibility in sport) and Next Gen (a leadership programme for young leaders under 30).

Objectives: This partnership aims to:

  • Expand our professional network.
  • Gain access to new markets.
  • Meet people who share our CSR values and educational philosophy.
  • Establish lasting relationships with solid partners.

A word from the AMOS London campus Director: ‘The growth of our network is impressive. We now have access to senior figures in the world of sport, which is crucial for our visibility in terms of public relations. We started our London adventure with an entrepreneurial spirit and few networks. Seeing the work, we’ve done over the years and, seeing the results with the signing of such a partnership, is a major step forward for the international influence of our brand.’

Impact on our students: Through this partnership, our students have valuable opportunities to participate in various events, meeting sports professionals and expanding their network. The highlight of these opportunities was the SIG Awards evening, where our students had the privilege of volunteering. At the end of the evening, they were able to attend the event, once again strengthening their network. These opportunities will return next year, with additional experiences such as the organisation of ‘Masterclasses’ on hot topics in the sport business industry.

Six groups were selected to present their projects at Stamford Bridge in front of the entire student body and Chelsea staff. The winning groups, one for each topic, had the privilege of visiting Chelsea’s training centre in Cobham.

Conclusion: This strategic partnership with Sport Industry Group opens new perspectives for our institution and our students. It reflects our commitment to offering professional development opportunities and strengthening our presence on the international scene. We look forward to seeing the fruits of this collaboration in the years to come. ,

Written by Guillaume Faure,
Communications and Events Officer AMOS London

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