Discovering yourself abroad, student interview with Grégoire

Meeting London 03/11/23

A first international experience

“What we learn with pleasure, we never forget” Alfred Mercier. This quote sums up the career of Grégoire Huet de Guerville, an AMOScian who has taken advantage of the international mobility offered by AMOS to learn by meeting new people and travelling.”

“I’m currently in my 3rd year of a bachelor’s degree at AMOS Sport Business School. I joined this business school 3 years ago. When I joined, I didn’t know what I wanted to do exactly, I just knew that I wanted to work in the sports industry”.

“In my second year, we had to do a semester on the London campus. At first, I was a bit stressed, but once I got there everything went smoothly as I found a student residence next to the campus. This was my first long-term experience abroad, and the first of many other.”

“The courses on the London campus were very inspiring, each of our lecturers were sports professionals, who passed on their experience to us.”

International mobility: the Croatian adventure

“During my third year of my bachelor’s degree, I decided to take part in the international mobility programme and joined Aspira University College in Split, in the west of Croatia. I wanted to stay in Europe while finding a university where I could improve my English. I took courses that were similar to those I had taken in France, such as Management and Sports Marketing. The lecturers were also sports professionals, allowing us to have another vision of Sports management in a practical way. On top of that, I was able to meet lots of students from all over the world, which was an extremely enriching experience.”


Third year work experience:

“As part of the International Sport Management Program, we have to do a placement at the end of the third year, in an international company. I decided to do it in the Communications and Events department at the AMOS London campus“.

“My first assignment was to supervise the London seminar organised for the Bachelor 1 students. Managing over 600 students, divided into groups of 60, over 3 months, gave me the opportunity to sharpen my management skills. Adaptability, communications, empathy, and listening skills were essential for this mission.”

“Once the seminar was over, I was able to devote the final month of my placement to content creation. Working alongside my placement supervisor, I learned how to write articles, thus building on some of the skills I had acquired during my time at Sport Business Mag (SBM) – when I was manager of the tennis section. I was also able to create visuals to promote the educational events that were organised by the campus (e.g. masterclasses), as well as going to a UFC press conference, where I had to film and conduct interviews.”

An eye on his future:

Our AMOScian is now preparing to move to Madrid to study for the Global Sport Business Masters (GSBM). “My idea was to take advantage of my studies to live in different countries, discover new cultures and new ways of looking at, and practising sport. That’s why I’m going to Madrid in October for the next 2 years.”

As for his first steps in the professional world, Grégoire says he is “attracted by the idea of combining my two passions: management and writing. It is the job I had at SBM, and it is the one in which I have flourished the most.”

We would like to thank Grégoire for the great help he gave us during his placement, and wish him all the best for his future studies in the Global Sport Business Masters’ program.

Written by Guillaume Faure

Communications and Events Manager, London campus.”

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