German student interview with David, Global Sport Business Master in Paris

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German student interview with David, Global Sport Business Master in Paris

David Hollstein, a German student, has joined AMOS Paris

Since October 2022, David Hollstein, a German student and former professional horseback rider, has joined AMOS Paris as part of the Global Sport Business Master. David decided to pursue his studies in Sport Management in an eclectic class in the home of the 2024 Olympic Games.


A former professional athlete

Since a very early age, David has trained as a horseback rider. This passion pushed him to train daily for a few hours after school until he had the opportunity to turn professional at the age of 18.

“That’s when I left school and decided to pursue my dreams. They offered me professional training for two and a half years which would give me a coaching degree, whilst giving me the possibility to carry on as a professional athlete. It was my dream as a kid, but Germany is very famous for having great horseback riders, and it is also known to be a tough field to succeed in. My family are from academic backgrounds, which pushed me to pursue my studies.”

This became a choice that he is now glad to have made, as he has found his new passion by combining the economic, business and management aspects, alongside the sport element that he loves. At the time, his university in Germany – which specialises in Economics – had a partnership with a Spanish sport business school offering double certification. He decided to seize the opportunity and received both qualifications after an incredible year in Santander, Spain.


Spain as a transition to France

“When I was in Spain, I became friends with a student who then went on to study at AMOS Toulouse. She told me a lot about the school, and its programs, so I went on Google to do some more research. I am convinced that travel is good to develop one’s character, and when I saw the international aspect of AMOS, the seminars that they were providing in Seoul and Chicago, as well as the different campuses in Europe where I could study, I was convinced.”


His life in Paris

Even though settling into Paris was easy, as his sister was already living in the French capital, David was a bit hesitant before making his big move.

“I’d never lived in a major city before, so I didn’t know how I would react, but I have to say that I love it now! There are so many things to discover, and free museums are just one example of how much this city has to offer. I want to take advantage of the historic aspect of Paris so I can absorb as much culture as I can.”

David also knew that after spending years working out, practicing sports, and being close to nature, he would need a similar activity.

“Since I arrived in Paris, I started a new sport, trail running. I am really getting into it; I have recently applied for a 30 km race in Germany in May. I am preparing very seriously for it, hitting the gym 5 to 6 times a week. I personally need to have these challenges ahead of me, it keeps me balanced and motivated.”


The Paris campus, classmates and lecturers

“Diversity is key, and this is exactly what we have as part of the Global Sport Business Master course in Paris. Everyone brings their own culture, their own personality and I’m glad to be able to learn in such a diverse and genuine group of people.

Regarding the lecturers, David, who was used to a more theoretical approach when studying in Germany, was pleasantly surprised by the way AMOS provides its lectures.

“We have a lot of experienced lecturers, who have worked for major companies, including Nike, Adidas and others. They not only give a lecture, but they also bring their own understanding of current issues and make the class interactive, which is more interesting and makes the learning process highly practical.”


His future

“I want to combine my passion for horseback riding and my newfound interest in economics. There is the Global Champions Tour, which is the equivalent of Formula One for horseback riding. It is a big organization. They travel all around the globe creating competitions. I have already done an internship at the German Olympic Committee of horseback riding, which opened my eyes to the whole industry.

“Working for them as part of the event management team would enable me to use my own experience as an athlete. Honestly, I don’t know where I’ll be in 5 years, or where my career will take me, so while I am studying at AMOS, I am trying to take in as much knowledge as I can!”


A word of advice to international students

“Don’t be afraid, it’s always a big step to leave your country, but people will welcome you with open arms anywhere you find yourself. My philosophy is that when you stay in your own country, it’s like reading the same page of a book over and over again. But when you finally make that step and go abroad, you will get to discover the many other pages in the book.

Written by Guillaume Faure, Communications Officer AMOS London

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