General presentation of the profession

The role of the Brand Manager is to define the scope of the brand in relation to the competition, its image and the associations of values in the mind of the consumer. A Brand Image Manager ensures that the various products or services offered are perfectly in line with these values, the characteristics and brand identity that have been created.

A Brand Image Manager must be innovative, allowing the development of its products or services. They manage the brand image within all departments of the company, participate in the development of new products, or methods, in the definition of communication plans with the Director of Communication. They also carry out branding with customers and the public, to anticipate possible corrective actions.

The keys to success in this job

The Brand Manager has very good knowledge of marketing and communication. They must be a strategist in order to bring their brand to life, to optimise the brand's penetration into its market via actions carried out with the commercial, marketing and communication departments. They have a versatile profile, working closely with different departments of the company.

Required skills 

Versatile, with managerial skills such as teamwork, interpersonal skills, empathy, precise speech and active listening. They are dynamic and organised, in addition to constantly rigorous. They also use commercial skills to convince. They master the process of development or product launch, must be curious and vigilant to keep up to date with developments in the market. They must be a strategist, and finally creative and innovative to adapt to these novelties. Understanding your market and your customer base is essential.


A Brand Image Manager can move on to be a Product Manager for a more operational role, a Line Manager, such as a Supervisor or Marketing Director, or a Social Media Manager.

Salary range

The salary of a Brand Image Manager with little experience is usually an average gross monthly wage of €3,000.

A Brand Image Manager can expect to earn an average gross monthly wage of between €4,000 and 5,000 after 3 to 5 years of experience in this field.