General presentation of the profession

In most cases, the Entrepreneur is behind the creation of a business. They are business leaders with the necessary skills and motivation to create a business, embark upon this journey and create jobs, etc. A strong involvement in their project with personal and material investment will make them a leader. Particular attention should be paid to the financing of the project. The world of sports business is a developing market that is very favourable to the spirit of entrepreneurship, as much in freelance as in a firm (SARL, SAS, self-employed...), with the establishment of new practices and products or sports and leisure services (outdoor and indoor) like communication, commerce, e-commerce, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, etc. The start-up spirit and the values ​​that come with it are favourable assets. An Entrepreneur likes to take risks to support a project they believe in. They invest themselves personally in the creation of a product or service, which they wish to launch independently in a market. They seek to first make their company profitable before maximising business.

The keys to success in this job

The Entrepreneur must first do some market research and make a business plan, combining independence with taking the advice of other Entrepreneurs. They must define their area and the competition and agree not to jump the gun. You have to know how to accept the unsuccessful attempts that contribute to the experience and ultimately the control of the project. In sports business, personal development and digitalisation are part of the classic sports economy and the use of equipment and continual developments in technology encourage the creation of businesses and jobs. Consistency in effort and the marking out of steps ensure greater success in the sustainability of the organisation.

Required skills 

The search for success is what keeps any project going, whatever its size. It is a positive point of focus for the Entrepreneur and for its organisation. It’s necessary therefore to like organising, mobilising and developing a community around oneself and the project. To exercise an entrepreneurial power, you must love freedom and building your independence to develop leadership and influence. Respect for commitments is a basic skill with the requirement of efficiency and quality. Performance monitoring and network development consolidate and broaden the foundations. Self-confidence guides the desire to fit in. It is also necessary to have a versatile profile. Knowledge in business and financial management is mandatory. The Entrepreneur masters marketing, communications and commerce. They know how to identify opportunities in terms of a market, product or demand and how to respond to them. They have the ability to always find their feet again after a failure or setback. They have to use their innate skills, such as dynamism, perseverance, sense of responsibility and flexibility in schedules. They should use their managerial skills to manage their company and teams. They must be able to demonstrate diplomacy, active listening, good interpersonal skills, organisation and be able to cope with stress. To stay motivated and boost their team they have to show emotional intelligence. They are good speakers, born negotiators, creative forces and persuasive. Being the decision maker, their role in the company's strategy is usually the most important. Entrepreneurs should have strategic minds and good analytical skills. They will have endless opportunities if they are forward-thinkers, have creative minds and innovative ideas.


After a few years, an Entrepreneur can hope to delegate their responsibilities and start a new project. On the other hand, they can continue to develop a current project. A successful project could lead to the Entrepreneur being offered the position of General Manager.

Salary range

An Entrepreneur does not consider their salary as significant at the beginning of their career. The salary of someone who has successfully set up a project in the long term varies enormously.