Student interview with Joseph, Global Sport Business Master in Paris

Meeting International Paris 04/10/23
Student interview with Joseph, Global Sport Business Master in Paris

21 years, 3 countries, 1 journey

H. Jackson Brown Jr. once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did do”, and if there is one student that embodies this mindset, it would be our Global Sport Business Master student, Joseph Vincent de Perez, currently based in Paris.

Born in Auxerre (France) from a Spanish father and an English mother, Joseph grew up in London (where his mother was transferred to work) until he was 7 years old, and then moved to Spain where he did his primary and secondary school in an international campus.

Perfectly fluent in 3 languages (French, English and Spanish) by the time he turned 18, Joseph decided to pursue his undergraduate studies in an international environment. Although tempted by the high standards and reputation of economic studies, Joseph followed his heart and went to Kent (England) to study a 3-year Sport Management Program. With 300 hours of work placement and solid knowledge of sport business, Joseph graduated from the British university, and decided to look for a Master’s degree in which he could develop his international network as well as gain experience from high-performance sports professionals.


“While in my last year as an undergraduate in Kent, I was actively looking for the best Master’s degree in Europe, which is when I discovered AMOS Paris. The location was perfect as I never had the opportunity to live in the French capital before. Learning from sports professionals and traveling the world to study diverse global markets seemed perfect, and I almost thought it was a scam. But no, so far AMOS has delivered on what it promised. During the first week of class, we had to do a presentation in front of the ex-directors of Nike France and Gucci, which is exactly what I’d signed up for!


His relationship with sports

Our multi-lingual student has always been a sports fan. “I started playing soccer in England when I was 4 years old and continued in every country I’ve lived in. When I was in Spain, I was scouted to play for the Valencia Academy, which I did for a few years, but I was realistic, and I knew that a career as soccer player would be extremely difficult.”

However, last year, while living in the UK, our AMOScian was scouted again, this time to play 5-a-side in the first English division. “I was playing semi-professionally on BT Sport and traveling around the UK and playing on a regular basis against the best players, like the captain of Northern Ireland.” A fantastic experience that he hopes to repeat, in Paris this time.


Starting his international career

Although many students are attracted to sports clubs or event management, Joseph is targeting a career in management within worldwide organizations like Nike, Puma or Red Bull. But for now, his next challenge is to work for the Atlético Madrid Club as part of a summer job, and we wish him the very best for this fantastic opportunity.

Written by Guillaume Faure, Communications Officer, AMOS London

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